Wednesday, July 3, 2013

CRO 060713

Date                            :  Saturday, 06th July 2013  
Time                           :  0830-1300hrs
Venue                         :  Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School
Attire                           :  Full Uniform

Duty Personnel:

Duty Officer                                        :  OCT Jeshuren Moses
Company Orderly Sergeant             :  LCP Joash Cheow
Duty NCO                                           :  CPL Wesley Teo

Programme Outline:

Sec 1
Sec 2
Sec 3
Roll Call/ Inspection
Combined Devotion
Life Skill Stage 1/2
Drill Stage 2/3
Drill Stage 1,2 and 3




LDC 2 (3 - 4th Aug)

The following Boys are to attend the above mentioned course on date mentioned:

1.       SGT Lam Zi Liang                       6.  CPL Looi Zheng Yi
2.       SGT Nicolas Neo                        7.  CPL Gu Yujie
3.       SGT Jeffrey Gwee                       8. CPL Oliver Leong
4.       SGT Galen Soh                           9. CPL Wesley Teo
5.       SGT Alex Chua                           10. CPL Shawn Neo

Attire: BB Day Dress (Full Uniform) (Bring along PT Kit with blue polo t including field rank)
Reporting Time: 8.30am on Day 1 (Sat) Dismissal Time: 6.00pm on Day 2 (Sun)
Course Duration 2D/1N (Sat-Sun) residential camp
Venue: BB/GB Campsite, Sembawang
Cost: $70 per Boy (Company will subsidise $20) hence you pay $50

By Order,
2LT Celine Tan
Head of Administration Department

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