Wednesday, July 12, 2017

CRO 150717

CRO 150717

Date :  Saturday, 15th July 2017
Time :  0830-1245
Venue :  KCPSS
Attire :  Musketry kit

Duty Personnel:
Duty Officer : OCT Nicholas Yap
Duty Teacher : Miss Faye Tan
Company Orderly Sergeant : CPL Solomon Ding
Duty Squad / NCO : LCP Ryan Liaw

Programme Outline:

Time Sec 1 Sec 2
0830 Roll Call
0900 Worship & CE Lesson
1015 Lifeskills stage1 Lifeskills stage 2
1130 Drill Stage 1 Drill Stage 2
1230 Dismissal


1) LDC 2

All Sec 3s are to report at BB/GB Campsite by 8.30am in Full Uniform this Saturday. Those whose hair are long are to have a hair cut before attending the camp.

2) Character Quest 2017

Boys who are interested to participate in CQ this year and have not submit your names are to do so latest by this Saturday to SGT Isaac Lim.

By Order,
SCL Kaji
2IC, Administration Department

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