Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cambodia Trip

Flight Details

Date and Time of Departure to destination 18 December 2010 (SAT) Flight No: 3K593
Attire: KCPSS Number 1 T-shirt with Jeans
Time (Optional Bus from KCPSS to airport) : 4am
Time (Gathering at airport) : 4:45am Terminal 1
Time (Take off) : 6:45am

Date and Time of Arrival to Singapore 22 December 2010 (WED) Flight No: 3K596
Time(Gathering at airport) : 7:15pm Terminal 1
Time (Take off) : 9:15pm
Time (Arrival at Singapore) : 12:10am (23 Dec)
Time (Optional Bus from airport to KCPSS) : 130am

You may bring over a main check-in item and a small hand-carried bag.
• For Jetstar, dimensions of main check-in items must not exceed 48cm (width) 34cm (height) 23cm (depth) for an overnight bag or briefcase. Weight limit is 15kg.
• A small handbag may be hand carried onto the plane. The bag must be able to fit under the seat in front of you or fit in an enclosed storage compartment in the cabin of the aircraft. Weight limit is 7kg.
• If any piece of Baggage does not comply with any of these conditions, it must be checked in to the aircraft hold or may not be carried on your flight.

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