Wednesday, September 11, 2013

CRO 14th September 2013

Date                     :  Saturday, 14th September 2013                   
Time                    :  0700-1730hrs
Venue                 :  KCPSS/ Victoria School
Attire                    :  BB Regulation blue polo T-shirt with dark
   Blue long pants

Duty Personnel:

Duty Officer        :  LTA Stanley Soh


  1. CQ Training Camp

Boys who are involved in CQ, kindly report to school at 9am in PT Kit on Friday 13th September 2013.

Things to Bring for Camp:
-       Bathing Equipment
-       Extra set of PT attire
-       Writing material
-       Bible
-       Water bottle

  1. The Company wishes the following Boys all the best in the Character Quest competition:

SGT Nicolas Neo                                         LCP Kajendran
SGT Galen Soh                                            LCP Kingston Lim
SGT Jeffrey Gwee                                       LCP Kwon Song Heok
SGT Lam Ziilang                                          LCP Timothy Lopez
SGT Alex Chua                                            PTE Matthew Tan
CPL Oliver Leong                                        PTE Ryan Wong
LCP David Simon                                        PTE Tristan Chia
LCP Don Seo                                               PTE Dylan Tan

By Order,
2LT Celine Tan
Head of Administration Department

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Date                            :  Saturday, 7th September 2013                
Time                           :  0830-1300hrs
Venue                         :  Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School
Attire                           :  Full Uniform

Duty Personnel:

Duty Officer                                        :  LTA Yam Kai Chow
Company Orderly Sergeant             :  LCP Joash Cheow
Duty NCO                                           :  CPL Wesley Teo

Programme outline:

Sec 1
Sec 2
Sec 3
Roll call cum inspection
Worship and CE lesson
First Aid Test
Platoon Contact Time

*Those Boys training to be DIs will have their test


1.  First Aid Test
Sec 1 Boys are expected to study for their first aid test.

2. Citizenship Stage 2
Sec 2 Boys taking the award are reminded to finish up their assignment and submit online by 14th September 2013.

By Order,
2LT Celine Tan
Head of Department, Administration