Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Some testimonies to share...........

The following are the testimonies from our Boys that were included in our Enrolment Service bulletins.

Thought it's good to share to all of you to encourage you guys in your journey in the Boys' Brigade as we strive to be Sure & Stedfast.

Since I joined the Boys’ Brigade four years ago, it has molded me to be sharper, resilient and disciplined. If I had not joined BB, I would have been a different person living a totally different life.
The skills and knowledge imparted into me through BB have not only nurtured me to be a better leader but have also spurred me to do everything with a spirit of excellence for our Lord Jesus Christ. I am who I am because of my Officers, Primers and friends in BB. Moreover, without the grace of God in my life, even in my tumultuous hour, I would not be where I am as a leader today. Realizing this makes me feel a great sense of pride not just when I don the blue uniform but when I also live out my life according to the purpose that God has for me.

- SSG David Simon

The Boys' Brigade has always been a major part of my life. I joined this CCA when i was in primary 3 and have continued till today. What made me continue this journey? I must say that it was the friends that I made, the lifelong lessons taught and just the love i have for the BB.
It's hard to write down all the impacts made and experiences gained through my time in BB but one experience that I remember was during secondary 1 when I quarreled with this individual over the slightest reason and as I reflect on that moment every time I just laugh at the immaturity I had. However we became best friends and I also learnt that friends can be made through weird circumstances.
The Boys' Brigade in particular the 5th company have very good Officers that will encourage you when you are going through difficult times. I am not as good as some of my peers especially in areas like commanding and there were times where I felt really inferior. However, the captain of 5th company reminded me more than once that I have areas where I am better than others. Although it’s a "meh" phrase to most, this phrase has left a deep impact in me and has helped me along through my senior years in the 5th.

As I said, I can’t put everything down but believe me when I tell you I am different compared to when I was in Secondary 1. If not for the teachings, one to one talks and friends, I would not be the Joash I am today. The Boys' Brigade will always be close to my heart and I never regretted any moment of it.

- WO Joash Cheow

When I was in sec 1, I was more of a follower during BB parades. Given a chance to lead during our annual march training camps, it brought a monumental change in my attitude. As a shy and timid sec 1 I was afraid to take up leadership roles. However, my officers and teachers in charge saw my interest in sports and entrusted me to lead in the games in BB. Through all these experiences, I have learnt that one should lead not for recognition but for the desire to serve others. From the shy and timid Boy 4 years ago, I have grown through BB to become the Company Sergeant Major of my company. I have also learnt the importance of servant leadership, which taught me to be humble, even if i have earned such a prestigious appointment. I will always remember what my officer had told me. "In everything we do, do it with a spirit of excellence". Because of His words, i made sure that i put in my best effort in everything i do, so that i will not disappoint others, including myself. BB has really changed my attitude and determination towards life. If it was not for BB, I will not become what I am today.

- WO Haniel Pang
Company Routine Order

Date: 11th April 2015
Attire: PT Kit
Venue: KCPSS/Kallang Water Sports Centre

BB week Collection timing

Boys are to report according to the time allocated to return your BB week Cards and collections

Sec 1 and 2 Boys        : 11.30 am 
Sec 3 Boys                  : 10.30 am
Sec 4 Boys                  : 2.00 pm

Kayaking Orientation and Star 1

- Boys who are involved in Kayaking are advised to buy their lunch and eat in school.

- Boys are reminded to bring extra set of clothes and toiletries.

- Please take note that you are NOT ALLOWED to wear slipper for the activity, only shoes or sandal are allowed. 
- A minimum of 1.5 litre water bottle is compulsory for Kayaking.
- Boys who are wearing spectacles are advised to wear spectacle hooks around your ears.

By Order,
2LT Celine Tan
Head of  Administration Department

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Date                            :  Saturday, 4th April 2015                  
Time                            :  0700 -1530
Venue                          :  KCPSS/NYPS
Attire                            :  Full Uniform

Duty Personnel:

Duty Officer                                         :  2LT Moses Jeshuren
Company Orderly Sergeant               :  CPL Dave Chan
Duty Squad / NCO                              :  CPL Lim Wee Sheng

Programme Outline:

Sec 1
Sec 2
Sec 3
Sec 4/5
Roll Call
Transport to NYPS
Enrolment Service
Transport back to KCPSS


1.    Enrolment

All Boys are reminded to bring their water bottle and have their breakfast before reporting for parade.
Lunch will be provided.

2.    Guard of Honour

GOH are reminded to shoe white their anklets and bring along their gloves, epaulettes and scarves.