Friday, December 20, 2013

Reflection from a member of our Bagpipe Band

Pipes and Drums festival has just ended and the Boys went through alot to get their well deserved award - a 2nd Runner up for the miniature band, defeating the likes of 12th & 12BR Companies. Well done Boys. Let's hear what one of our Sec 2 member feels after the competiton as he reflects on it....

"We were told by Nicolas that all sec 2 had to go for the solo bagpipe competition early in the year. However we turned a deaf ear and did not practice hard, it was not until November did we start to worry about the upcoming competition just 1 month later. The training were the most unbearable as tears were shed and sweat was poured and with madam Yvonne's constant nagging at us to practice. I think it is all the nagging by madam Yvonne and encouragement Mrs yap gave us that allowed us to win at least a bronze award in the miniature band category and Galen winning silver in the solo competition, even though we had done a really last minute job. I must say that we did it because madam Yvonne , Mrs yap, Mr yam and members of the 5th coy bagpipe band believed in us. This competition left us all satisfied as our last minute job was worth even a bronze and a silver. Thanks to the extra slots of bagpipe trainings like practicing at night during the ARPC BBGB camp while everyone was sleeping and coming back to school for extra practices. Thank you madam yvonne, mrs yap, mr yam and members of the band for putting in all our individual efforts to make this bronze and silver possible!"

LCP Chee Tao Kang, Bagpiper