Thursday, April 7, 2016

CRO 090416

Date                            :  Saturday, 9th April 2016                  
Time                            :  0900 - 1000
Venue                          :  KCPSS
Attire                            :  PT Kit


BB Week

All Primers & Boys still holding on to their BB Week Cards and collections are to submit this Saturday @ 9am. All to gather at concourse.

BB Blaze

The following will be representing the 5th Company in the BB Blaze Competition this Saturday 9th April. They will be starting the race at approximately 6am.

·         CLT Joash Cheow
·         CLT Joson Che
·         SGT Trevor Kwek
·         SGT Yieo Ming Chuan
·         SGT Vittor Tan
·         SGT Zanden Peh
·         CPL Josiah Yong
·         LCP Chim Ge Jun
·         LCP Isaac Lim
·         LCP Adam Tan

The Company wishes them all the best for the competition.

Do note that the above Primers/Boys are to report at 7pm in school on Friday 8th April 2016. Dinner will be provided.

No Parade

There will be no parade till 28th May.

By Order,
CLT Mayor Tay
2nd In Charge,
Administration Department