Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Primers Retreat 2009.

Every year, there will be a Primers Retreat planned for our beloved Primers and of course, Primer's OC too! The Primers Retreat for 2008 was held on 3rd Jan 2009, Saturday!

The day started off with a 3hour meeting in LPPC meeting room. Several things that were discussed are :

1) Reflection for 2008
2) Reflection on company events for 2008
3) Reflections for different departments.
4) Individual involvement in 2009

After which, everyone headed to Bishan Park 2 for a time of Combat Skirmish! It was sure tiring and exhausting, but the primers sure had fun! There were 2 teams of 7 people, 1 team consists of the senior primers and the other with junior primers!

Washed up after the game and we had steamboat at Ang Mo Kio for dinner!

Welcome to the Primers Section for the newer primers who have just joined us! (:

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