Tuesday, January 7, 2014

BB Share a gift 2013

Last December, while most students were enjoying their holidays playing computer games, the 5th Company Boys had the opportunity to get involved in the BBSG Project, delivering food hampers to some 200 beneficiaries in Chai Chee & Beach Road. It was indeed a good experience for the Boys.

Food hampers waiting to be delivered to the beneficiaries

Here are some of the feedback from the Boys:

It was a really interesting and tiring experience. I had never been to a house like that before. Despite all the hardwork, i knew that if it was the hampers and us that make them smile, i would try my best alongside with my partner to deliver it to them. It was really heartwarming to see them thanking us over and over for the hampers. Although it may seem like food to us, it is more than that to them. I could really see the joy in them when we arrived at their doorstep, knowing that they are one of them to receive the hampers. Having seen that condition they lived in, I told myself to be grateful for what i have and not expect more. I felt really blessed and prayed that God would bless those people there. I felt that the program was meaningful and i urge that every boy should go through it. May God bless them :)  
PTE Matthew Teo, Secondary 1 

LCP Joash Cheow & PTE Matthew Teo happily handing over the hampers to an elderly couple

For this year's BBSG i did the delivery of hampers to the residents of Beach road. While delivering the hampers we were asked by many elderly residents ''when are we going to deliver the hampers'' and whether they have a hamper or not. Despite the language barrier,their eagerness to have a hamper really inspired me to deliver these bags of 'gifts' quicker so i can 'fulfill' their 'wish'. Even though the items in the hamper seem small to us but it really mean a whole lot to these beneficiaries. The sweat and tiredness was worth it after seeing their smiles on their faces. 
- LCP Joash Cheow, Secondary 2 

SGT Lam Ziliang & PTE Marcus Poh, together with a family that benefited from BBSG project

I have been going for the BBSG for the past three years . When i was in secondary one I felt that going for BBSG was a waste of time,but when i was packing the goods i was actually having fun as you had your friends to talk to so it was not boring. When i was sec two i got the opportunity to deliver hampers to the needy. That is when i had the experience of going to their homes and giving them the heavy hampers . After that I felt happy that i could help someone in need . Last December I went for the BBSG ,my duty was to help deliver hampers to the needy residents of Beach Road. After we unloaded the hampers from the bus, most of my friends went to have lunch,i had to stay back to take care of the hampers . While i was 'guarding' the hampers , i noticed that many of the residents were gathering around the officer that was also 'guarding' the hampers. The residents that were there were mainly the older residents and they kept asking us questions like,what time were we going to start delivering the hampers ,were they going to get one and even asked what was in the hampers. This made me feel grateful for the things i have as i can see that one hamper is very important to them . After the experience i felt happy as i can help the needy by sharing a gift. 
- SSG Lam Zi Liang, Secondary 3


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