Tuesday, January 12, 2016

CRO 16012016

Date                            :  Saturday, 16th January 2016                     
Time                            :  0830-1300
Venue                          :  KCPSS
Attire                            :  Mufti with Boots

Duty Personnel:

Duty Officer                                        :  2LT Jonathan Chase
Company Orderly Sergeant              :  SGT Lim Wee Sheng
Duty Squad / NCO                             :  CPL Vittor Tan

Programme Outline:

Sec 1
Sec 2, 3 & 4
Roll Call
Recruits Orientation 2
Worship & Word
Drill Revision (Practical)
Recruits Orientation
Early Dismissal for Sec 1s
Company Contact Time


  1. Drill Stage 2 test

Boys taking Drill Stage 2 are to take note that both theory & practical test will be conducted on 23rd January 2015. Theory test will be conducted after parade.

  1. BB Blaze Training

Boys who have taken the consent forms are to submit the forms by this Saturday. Please also note that that there is training this Saturday @ 7am.

  1. Secondary Ones Orientation

Boys are to bring along PT Kit to join the Sec. 1 Boys for orientation.


By Order,
CLT Mayor Tay
2IC, Administration Department 

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